Risk Management

Reducing the impact of complaints and professional negligence claims

Complaints and the threat of professional negligence claims are a concern for most solicitors.

While, in an ideal world, your firm’s processes would ensure compliance and minimise the threat of any such litigation happening in the first place, even with the very best systems in place, disputes do happen.

With claims against solicitors costing around £250 million each year – without taking into account the associated costs of defending court proceedings – where a complaint or claim is made against your firm, we can help.

With extensive legal experience, we understand the pressures solicitors face with regard to complaints and professional negligence claims and work closely with law firms, and their Insurers, to best protect their financial interests seeking to minimise the impact on future professional indemnity insurance premiums.

Adopting a proactive and holistic approach towards risk, we can advise where a claim should be settled quickly, and provide expert support and advice to help your firm reduce its potential exposure.

Where a robust defence is needed, we work with you at all stages of the process to seek to ensure the best costs outcome for you.

With experience in managing costs and reducing exposure to risk for a full range of professional negligence matters, including complex, multi-party, high-value claims, if your firm could benefit from practical and informed risk management advice,  contact Propus Law today to find out more.