Denton -v- TH White Ltd & De Laval Ltd, Decadent Vapours Ltd -v- Bevan, Salter & Celtic Vapours Ltd, Utilise TDS Ltd -v- Davies, Bolton Community College Corp & Watertrain Ltd [2014] EWCA Civ 906

Mitchell revisited.

Mark Walmsley played a key role in the appeal of Utilise TDS Limited.

Below are the personal comments received from the Barrister who represented the Appellant in the Court of Appeal


 Just wanted to say that I think your insight in taking the point involving the incorrect court form (which I didn’t think was worth taking) was what won the case eventually. HHJ (name withheld) was forced to accept that DJ (name withheld) got it wrong the first time………………………………. That is why the CA chose this case as an example of an attitude which was patently too harsh.

The win is therefore dedicated to you!”

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